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What’s the most important thing to consider when bulking? 

“What should my macro breakdown be when bulking?”.

“How many calories should I utilize to bulk”.

“I’m trying to bulk, what should my reps/ sets be?”.

AHH, bulking. Such a sexy word… The idea of throwing down Oreos, protein shakes, and post-workout cereal so you can add mass.

We’ve all made the mistakes of just bulking, to bulk.

Really, it has been an excuse to eat like shit, and still reap a sense of satisfaction as if we’re doing something right…

As with anything, growing muscle requires being intentional. So here are the MOST important factors when in a bulk phase. Listed in order of importance.

Starting with what matters MOST. All the way down to shit that matters, but ONLY if all the prior variables are met.

  1. Genetics/ and or Drug Use: Sorry guys, but genetics do matter. Some people have to push 3 times the work, for twice as long, as some people can look at a barbell and grow tissue. Some people can dunk a basketball in the 8th grade, learn calculous in kindergarten, or never touch a baseball and throw 90MPH… life isn’t fair…
  2. Calorie Intake: Duh… we can’t even think about growing without a caloric surplus.
  3. Training Stimulus: If you aren’t training correctly, then good luck. Most people either train incorrectly, or without enough pure intensity, and focus. Usually a combo of both.
  4. Sleep: without sufficient, and quality sleep, we’re simply not able to repair, and grow. Sleep more, grow more.
  5. Stress: when we don’t manage stress, we’re constantly in a fight, or flight (sympathetic) nervous system state. The body is highly catabolic, (not anabolic) during this time, meaning your fucks-ville if you want to grow.
  6. Body Fat Percentage: If you aren’t in an optimal range for muscle growth, there is no point in bulking. Reduce body fat to a range that will put your body in more of an anabolic environment. If we start at 10-12% body fat for example, then the majority of the weight gain can be muscle. However, if we start bulking at 20%+ then the majority of that will probably be fat tissue. 
  7. All the other shit: Fat/ Carb percentages, micronutrients, meal timing and frequency, and supplements. These things should not even be looked at until you’ve optimized the prior 6.

What are you guys struggling with when bulking? Comment below and I’ll see if I can help! 

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