Forget “The Dancing Bear” and Generate Real Long-Term Leads

I get it…you’re probably wondering, “How did I never know that Jordan is an expert level boomerang dancer?”

Firstly, thank you.

Secondly, this is a metaphorical dance…to explain a MASSIVE problem in your business.

A problem which, unfortunately, you might not be aware of until it’s too late.

“The Dancing Bear”

As long as Suzie shows up on Instagram and does her dance, she may generate a few leads.

(For many of you, this post-and-pray method is probably not even working because your copy sucks and in general the “link in bio” days are dead…But that’s another post for another day.)

The routine goes something like this…

Show up –> Dance –> Send 20 Cold Dm’s A Day –> Pray.

Don’t get me wrong! Organic lead generation strategies are critical—especially just when you’re just getting started. But what happens once you’ve burned through your immediate base of people who know like and trust you?

Oh, you haven’t thought about the long-term sustainability of your business? That isn’t very smart…

I get it, though. Most “business coaches” realize that teaching your long-term strategy doesn’t help THEM with marketing results TODAY. As long as they can get you a few wins during your time together, who gives a shit where your lead pipeline is in 4-6 months, amiright?

The bottom line is this: a successful business takes into account the importance of long-term lead nurture systems through assets.

Relying solely on being the “Dancing Bear” will leave you FUCKED because….

✅  No attention is paid to the customer’s journey.

✅  You’ve always got to be “ON” to bring in leads.

✅  It’s harder to convert the clients in a sales call.

✅  It leads to exposure fatigue.

✅  It neglects connection-based content like emails, online communities, podcasts, and blogs.   

The “Dancing Bear” ultimately leads to a massive waste of time, energy and resources. It relies too heavily on “short attention span” marketing and forgets where the real human connection comes from.

And let’s be real, here…no one cares that much about your glute pics and swipe workouts.

In IFCA, we teach you how to not rapidly ascend your short-term lead flow—to capitalize on those who already know like and trust you.

For example, our IFCA student Devon, used our client engine method and connection-based sales model to generate $26,800 in the first month of launching her online offer.

But beyond those short-term leads, we’ll also help you build the back end long-term lead flow, which will allow you to generate leads on demand…WITHOUT relying solely on DM, Instagram posts, or scammy sales tactics.

We do this by building REAL ASSETS, which will attract, warm up, and pre-sell clients while you sleep.

Real business assets include email lists, Facebook communities, sales funnels, and building a TEAM to delegate the shit you shouldn’t be doing.

If you rely solely on Instagram to bring in leads, you are running a hobby, not building a business. 

Drop an emoji in the comments below and I’ll DM you our FREE 5 Day Suspect-to-Client Challenge.

In this, you’ll learn how to bring in leads on demand, WITHOUT having to always “dance” for your audience…though you might bust a move just for fun, anyway.

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