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How to Get to the Next Level

You think – “I’m a genius! A Hyper-responder as they say”. 

Until that dreaded day comes…

You’re no longer a “newbie,” and the body has become fully adapted to the half hazard stimulus you’ve applied. 

Okay, you think, I just need to “confuse the body,” and add MORE SUPPLEMENTS!” 

You throw in some German volume training, add in some cardio sessions, and mainline the mass gainer, and testosterone boosters that Chad from GNC recommended.

Still, you haven’t changed (excluding your wallet becoming lighter). 

Stop all that shit …. now. Put it down. 

Here are a few misconceptions that I had to learn, and you do too.

  • 1. You’re “clean eating” is BULLSHIT.
  • You think because you get in certain arbitrary foods that you see bodybuilders eating, this will magically result in muscle growth.
  • Prioritizing whole foods is an important detail, but not NEARLY as important as understanding energy balance.
  • What are the calories, and protein goals you need to hit to see progress? START THERE, then fill that intake with 80% whole food sources, and 20% whatever the fuck you want.
  • You’re always in an unrecoverable hole with training. You don’t need to lift 7 days week if you want to make progress. 
  • Back your training down to 4 days, maybe 5 IF you have your sleep, nutrition, and stress under control, and you can recover from 5. 
  • 3. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Sound familiar?
  • You walk into the gym, pick random movements each day, grab a weight that feels heavy, and go to town. This can work in the beginning. However, your leaving tons of progress on the table by not knowing if you’re progressing. 
  •  Learn about progressive overload. Build out a training program, with exercises you can perform well, keep a logbook, and progress through those lifts. Just like with nutrition, if we don’t track our training, its like driving without directions. 

Sure, you might get there, but you’re doing it in a fucking stupid and inefficient way. 

Smarter is harder….. 

Track your food and track your training. 


Secret sauce exposed. 

What are some of the misconceptions in fitness you had to get over? Let me know below.

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