Why Cardio Is Not Best For Fat Loss

Some programs actually tell their clients not to lift weights. Why? Because they will promise an X amount of weight loss, and they know that by building muscle, it will off-set this.

Is the goal “weight loss?” Or “fat loss”, because looking skinny fat, or like a melted candle is not attractive, nor is it healthy.

There is a direct correlation to longevity and muscle mass. We need muscle mass to survive, thrive and look good in a bikini.

6 Reasons You Should Weight Train Over Cardio

  • Best way to maintain muscle in a calorie deficit – weight training. There is no substitute here. This is the best way to maintain muscle during a deficit. Anytime we reduce calories, we risk losing muscle mass, along with fat.

Without training, our body can get a large portion of its energy needs by catabolizing muscle. Weight training burns calories increases metabolism and helps weight loss. Give me a few sets of deads, and squats, and you’ll burn more kcal than if you spend the same amount of time on an elliptical AND there are other benefits.

  • Increases metabolism. Creates micro-trauma to muscle fibers, which must be repaired. This process is metabolically costly because it requires a lot of energy to repair, and synthesize new muscle tissue.
  • ALSO, we know that post-exercise we get a positive hormonal response beneficial for fat loss.

This stimulates a post-exercise metabolism-boosting effect, much more so than cardio.

  • Training improves overall health. There is a big misconception around this, thinking only cardio is beneficial for heart health, improved cholesterol lipid profile, insulin sensitivity, improved bone density, and more.
  • Weight training will allow you to change the overall look of your body. With just diet, you might end up looking like just a smaller version of yourself. With lifting, you can literally sculpt, and get that “toned”, or “jacked” look.
  • Weight lifting helps to reverse the aging process. Rather than going through all these anti-aging bullshit remedies, there is a scientifically proven method to increase longevity and youth.

Maintaining lean body mass while aging is huge. Most people lose around 4-45% of muscle mass by the age of 65, but that doesn’t have to happen.

We have to train, (use it or lose it).

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