Owner and founder of DuggAesthetics, a lifestyle coaching company. Co-founder of Impact Fitness Academy and Transform 2Gether, a 1-1 coaching program.


From competing in and winning bodybuilding and physique competitions, to coaching clients to their dream physiques. Fitness, wellness, and business are my lifelong journey.


Business, lifestyle, and fitness coaching to fit anyone's needs in a busy schedule. Jordan is dedicated to helping people achieve their greatness.

Our Mission

Our mission is client focused. To deliver the most upstanding results, and service to both our business coaching and fitness coaching clients.


Our team is top notch, with the experience necessary to ensure each client receives their own unique path to success, along with 1-1, and community support along the way


We do not offer “template”   programs. Every single client receives their own individual based programming, with adjustments along the way, as ones dynamic body adapts, and lifestyle/ goals change.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of client result, and satisfaction that lasts for life, and we will not stop until we have changed as many lives as possible, while we are able to fulfill our mission.