Interval vs. External Cues

"No, just throw the weight around bro, progressive overload is king." "No, 6-second eccentrics on everything bro, slow it down, the mind-muscle connection is king". As with most things in…

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What's the most important thing to consider when bulking?  "What should my macro breakdown be when bulking?". "How many calories should I utilize to bulk". "I'm trying to bulk, what…

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Latest findings report that consuming high fructose corn syrup will cause spontaneous combustion; Insulin-resistant black plague disorder Reptilian-like behavior and cravings for human flesh. Lesser severe side effects: Sudden death…

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Not Losing Weight While In A “Deficit”
Cropped image of woman feet standing on weigh scales, on gray background. A tape measure in the foreground

Not Losing Weight While In A “Deficit”

Questions to ask if you're not losing weight while in what you think should be a caloric deficit. First and foremost, how accurately are you tracking? A general rule of…

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