Intra-Workout Nutrition

Should you use intra-workout carbs?  First off, the science here is rather fuzzy. Let’s look at the benefits though first, and work backward; 1. Elevated

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Leptin, leptin, leptin

Leptin is a major factor in metabolism and is effected during a diet phase. When fat mass increases, so do leptin levels and appetite is

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How To Know if IF is For You

In today’s blog, we’re going to break down a recent study around Intermittent Fasting.  Specifically, we’ll be referring to the “lean gains” method. Which is

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Insulin – A Rundown

Did you know that protein alone spikes insulin as much as even simple carbohydrates? Did you know you can become insulin resistant on keto? First

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Booze & Recovery

Currently nursing a hangover, so I thought this throwback #DuggRants would be relevant.  Since this video, we have seen a couple of systematic reviews published

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