How to Get to the Next Level

You think – “I’m a genius! A Hyper-responder as they say”.  Until that dreaded day comes… You’re no longer a “newbie,” and the body has

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The Diet Before the Diet

What’s the most important and overlooked factor in a diet phase?. Hint: it’s not cardio, macros, thermogenics, sleep (although that’s a big one), but pre-framing!

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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is all the rave these days! Is it true though that simply by collapsing your eating window, you can gain superhuman strength, have

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Interval vs. External Cues

“No, just throw the weight around bro, progressive overload is king.” “No, 6-second eccentrics on everything bro, slow it down, the mind-muscle connection is king”.

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